Must Have Kitchen Appliances

Just like the living room, the modern kitchen has become a storehouse of luxury and beauty. In fact, gone are the days when cooking was just a routine household chore. Today, it’s an activity that is more of an art, with more and more kitchen appliances being utilized to ensure that good food is set on the dining table. Manufacturers have gone a step further to create kitchen masterpieces that not only save our energy at the kitchen, but also time.

Don’t Live in the Past

Kitchen appliances are regarded by some to be frivolous inventions meant only to distract us from the connection between our food and ourselves. While this might be arguably true to some extent—the thought that somehow making life more streamlined and manageable being bad is a bit on the crazy side. Kitchen appliances help us produce the meals and foods we love in a more efficient manner. This frees up time for family, hobbies, and deep introspection for those that tend to lean more towards the transcendental side of life. So, the next time you’re in your kitchen with a mortar and pestle grinding down salt to better brine your chicken to make stock for the soup you want to serve before your chilli that’s going to go perfectly with your pan-seared steak—remember appliances are your friends! Below are the go-to appliances that every kitchen should have.

  1. Fridge

This is a very useful appliance as it enables you to store both cooked and uncooked food to maintain your freshness. It also helps to minimize wastage as you don’t have to throw away left-over food. Furthermore, it ensures that you never run out of food as you can stock enough food when you can afford to buy it and have something to cook when you can’t afford to buy groceries.

  1. Food Processor

The main reason why a food processor is a must-have tool in the kitchen is because it does so many things including pureeing sauces and soups, preparing pastas and spreads, making pasta dough, grinding meat, making mayonnaise, grinding nuts, making nut butter, grinding whole grains into flour, making cookie and bread crumbs, and shredding cheese.

  1. Blender

This is an incredibly multi-functioning tool that you can be used for blending, grinding and mixing. This makes it an ideal tool for juicing, whipping cream and pureeing sauces and soups.

  1. Electric Mixer

This is a crucial tool for bakers. Mixers are quite helpful in making whipped cream, beating egg whites and getting a consistent cake batter. There are 2 options for electric mixers – hand mixers or stand mixers. Hand mixers are suitable for seasonal bakers, while stand mixers are ideal for accustomed bakers.

  1. Coffee Maker

This is a useful tool to those who consume coffee on a regular basis and in large amounts. A drip maker is go-to appliance, as it is a programmable model that is extremely easy to use. If you are an early-morning-person, you can set it before going to bed and wake up to freshly-ground, brewed drip coffee the next morning.

    1. Juicers

Juicers are among some of the most popular kitchen appliances for those looking to increase their overall nutritional profile and lose weight in a quick and healthy manner. There are many different types of juicers on the market that can help provide powerful assistance for a wide range of needs.

  1. Slow Cooker

This is a useful appliance that enables you to cook when you’re psyched up, and lets you eat hot food when hungry and not in the mood for cooking. You can throw in all the ingredients and go away all day, just to come back later and find a hot meal ready. Slow cookers are ideal for stews, potluck diners and one-pot meals.

  1. Electric Kettle

This appliance is one of the deceptively useful appliances in the kitchen. Most people don’t think that they need it, yet they realize that they utilize it most of the time. In fact, this is probably the most used appliance in the kitchen. It is not only faster boiling water in it, but it is also quite energy efficient.

  1. Microwave Oven

This tool was basically used to heat cooked food. These days, there are newer models that can be used to cook and bake as well, in addition to heating food.

  1. Rice Cooker

This is an appliance that makes cooking rice an easy task. With it, your rice comes out perfectly – not stuck at the bottom, not stuck together, not mushy and not watery. You also don’t have to worry about rice boiling and spilling over creating a mess. Furthermore, you can use a rice cooker in other ways such as steaming veggies and cooking lentils.

Final Considerations

These appliances aren’t a complete list of what one might be able to complete in their kitchen. These days there are Wi-Fi enabled refrigerators and tomorrow I’m sure there will be something that damn near serves the meals for you! Regardless of the pace of innovation take time to consider how certain kitchen appliances might be able to help improve your life and free up your schedule for more rewarding experiences than simply cooking!