5 Tips to Stay Healthy & Happy

Health is a bit of a mystery. Some of us seem to fair well in the face of poor dietary habits, carcinogenic vices, and little to no exercise while others seem to suffer even after taking every preventative measure imaginable. The differences between people’s state of health is not likely to be fully-understood for a great time—if ever. With this in mind, there are some fairly-universal things that anyone can do that may help better support natural health and longevity. Your ability to utilize these ideas is dependent to your unique circumstances, and you should always consult with a licensed practitioner before considering any major lifestyle or dietary changes!

Don’t Overthink Things

One of the most-common issues that we see with people seeking to better support their health naturally is the tendency to overthink their approach. Long before some people will simply walk 15 minutes a day, they will begin counting calories, weighing out protein by the gram, concocting juicer recipes they’ve found online, and analyzing genetic test data to find insights. While all these actions can be effective in addressing health issues, and informative if nothing else, they are also a bit peripheral in terms of their ability to address common issues quickly. The tips we’re going to talk about here are those meant to address the needs of the masses rather than the individual. In some cases, such as with testing, the results will address the individual but the act of taking the test is suitable for everyone. So, without further ado, we present the top 5 things one can do to help support vibrant health and wellness throughout a long life.

Find A Doctor Your Trust

Above all, you should always have the counsel of a licensed professional you can turn to when trying to understand your health concerns. There is an ocean of information out there and the insights of a practiced professional can help save your years of investigation by simply helping to get you started in the right direction. Not all doctors are created equally however—there are those in it only for the money—and finding one you trust is important. When discussing potential treatment options, lifestyle changes, or other health-impacting actions it’s important to know that the advice comes from someone with your well-being in mind above all else. Sometimes it takes years to find a doctor that you can put your trust in, but we encourage everyone to keep looking until they find that person.

Keep Moving

Movement has been part of our daily routine throughout our evolution. Our bodies are meant to move a LOT each day though our modern lifestyles aren’t always conducive to such activity. Desk jobs and sedentary lifestyles are like roadblocks for the many different systems of our body. By walking as little as 15 minutes a day it has been shown that we are able to have tremendous impact on our health. For those having lived years without exercise or proper diet, a 15 minute walk might seem like a daunting task. Just remember, that great things often take time and that working towards a goal is better than watching it drift slowly away.

Get Good Sleep

While everyone can appreciate a good night’s rest many don’t fully understand just how important quality sleep can be. As we sleep, our bodies undergo many processes to help restore and heal themselves. This helps reduce inflammation, removes toxins, and helps repair damaged tissues.  When our sleep is disturbed, these types of processes don’t always finish adequately and can lead to chronic health issues. Take the necessary steps to ensure you get better rest. Find a better mattress, consider some natural supplements like melatonin, and try to avoid television screens an hour before sleep. Sleep is a routine in many ways, and getting into the right state of mind before laying down at night can help a lot!

Eat More Natural Food

Organic and Non-GMO foods are great options, but even these sometimes fall into the category of being apart from what our evolutionary diets resemble. Diets like the Paleo Diet are sometimes considered the best diet for losing weight though sometimes they take such ideas to the extreme (no salt? yikes!). Essentially, staying away from deep-fried things, processed foods, and things with concentrated ingredients like sugar is a good idea. Sugar ingredients such as fructose aren’t found in nature in amounts anywhere near those found within many consumer products. Sea Salt is also worth bringing up, since salt is a particularly common aspect of everyone’s diet, because it’s known to contain many important trace minerals. These types of micro-nutrients can help to provide the body’s cells with many compounds they need to function properly. Another great way to get this extra nutrition is through juicing, which helps unlock many often unused nutrients.

Think for Yourself

There’s an often ignored truth in this world—no one really knows what they’re doing. Those that would disagree are often those that have the least idea. Our bodies are a mystery to us, as is the true nature of our existence. While faith, science, and community may provide us with strength and confidence it’s important to always remember that no one else walks in your shoes. If you’re trying out a new diet that everyone you know found great results from—don’t let that stop you from recognizing a potentially-harmful side effect it causes in you. The foods you eat, the exercises you complete, and the sleep you get all builds up to make an infinitely-unique state of being that is your health. No one else can ever tell you how you feel, what you should do, or what the future may hold for you. These are things only you can answer for yourself and holding that notion near and dear to your awareness will serve you well as you endeavor to improve your health.